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A Bit About this Project

MIA Sense is now working on a large-scale project for a training and retreat centre. The project, lead by international champions and a scientific committee of all aquatic sports and human wellness areas, will be presented to the community during Q2-2024, with a potential construction commencement by Q3-2026.


We are updating this page based on the project's progress.

Project Roadmap

October 2022

February 2023

April 2023

September 2023

May 2024

August 2024

January 2025

July 2025


The Vision

A full nature and sustainability-oriented environment having people enjoying the benefits of aquatic disciplines.

The Disciplines 

Aquatic disciplines / Confidential until Q4-2024

The Committee

A visionary leadership, altogether with a committee of athletes and doctors are focused on the medical and scientific impact of the sport on human.

Vision Package, final review

Concept Design

Schematic Design

Detail Design

Construction documents

Construction commencement

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