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Apnea Academy Instructor Course
Apnea Academy Instructor Course

Time is TBD



Apnea Academy Instructor Course

Join the next Apnea Academy Instructor Course in the USA.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Miami, Miami, FL, USA

About the event

This Apnea Academy (AA) Instructor Course will be taught entirely in Spanish.

The course will cover relaxation, breathing, physiology of the respiratory and auditory systems, diet, communication techniques, teaching methods, psychology, and group control. Additionally, you will learn the AA teaching system, its standards, the theory of static and dynamic apnea, constant and variable weight apnea, etc.

Practical exercises will include breathing and relaxation techniques at different levels, compensation, and group control in the pool and sea.

The course emphasizes the training of an instructor as well as the development of technique and performance. All students will be filmed to analyze their technique.


In addition to Umberto Pelizzari, the faculty will consist of some of the most respected experts in the various relevant fields and a selection of the most experienced instructors of the Apnea Academy.

Also, Carlos Coste, Stig Severinsen, William Trubridge, Miguel Lozano, Manolis Yankos, Antonio Del Duca, and many other champions are Apnea Academy Instructors.


To be admitted to the course, the candidate must be able to perform:

  • 4'30'' Static apnea
  • 80 mt Dynamic apnea
  • 60 mt Dynamic apnea Without Fins
  • 35 mt apnea at Constant Weight (with bi-fins)

It is also necessary to:

  1. Master of all the exercises described in the CURSO DE APENA manual, chapters 8 and 9.
  2. Have perfect freestyle and breaststroke swimming
  3. Swim breaststroke underwater with perfect technique
  4. Be an experienced freediver
  5. Be fluent in Spanish
  6. Have personal freediving equipment, including wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and bi-fins (weights can be borrowed from the organization)
  7. Own a Freediving manual*
  8. Present a first aid certificate valid in the country of citizenship
  9. Present a valid medical certificate of fitness for underwater freediving activity

*CURSO DE APNEA by U. Pelizzari, S. Tovaglieri - Ed. Paidotribo or the same manual in English: "MANUAL OF FREEDIVING, underwater on a single breath of air." (latest edition, where on the manual cover, Umberto descends vertically without equipment). The manuals can be purchased on Amazon and also in ebook versions.


Instructors who have passed the evaluation at the end of the course will become members of Apnea Academy and will be able to teach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level AA, Apnea Experience, Apnea Discovery, and apnea courses within the Apnea Academy teaching structure.

The organization will provide successful students with the official Apnea Academy uniform at the end of the Instructor course. 


Participants who have passed the evaluation at the end of the course will also become instructors of Freedive Gravedad Cero certified by Antonio Del Duca. 



Potentially, Miami, FL. Date and Schedule: TBD / will be updated soon.


Potentially, Miami, FL. Date and Schedule: TBD / will be updated soon.

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